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Award winning tattoo artist Cris Eck who's real name is Cristobal Eckebrecht was born in 1981 in a small town call El Puerto de santa maria (Spain). In English as Port Saint Mary. Same city that Christopher Columbus's  first expeditions to the Americas set sail from.

In May of 1995 Cris's father retired from the U.S Navy military, And officially decided to move to Miami Florida. Where he spent most of his time growing up.

Cris has always gravitated to art through his entire life. As far back as he can remember. He doesn't seem to remember the point in time where his interest in drawing began, to him its just something he's  always known to do, Through out the years the of drawing occasionally. A skillful development through time raised a more focused interest. Pursuing a carrier in art was not something he gave any thought or consideration. In fact drawing was completely absent through out his  late teen age life. 

In the time between 2005/2006 Cris reunited with a friend who was involved in art through out school as well. His friend always had a strong interest in tattooing and had began his journey in the practice of it. At first it did not interest Cris. As time passed , he spent more time around his friend tattooing and started to get more familiar with the prosses. As he started to be more fascinated by what could be achieved on skin, As the time passed he discovered the all the different cultures an styles. The never ending learning curve of tattooing became a presence in his day to day life. Not knowing that a part time hobbie would turn out to be a full blown carrier.


Cris is a 100 percent self taught tattooer, Countless years of practice with tons of research. Unfortunately tattoo studios where hard to come by in his area. So a proper apprenticeship wasn't available.

Fast forward to 2015, after a rising online presence he was given the opportunity to attempt to claim the right to be called ink master. On the popular show featured on spike tv. He could be found on the Ink Master: Peck vs Nunez season (season 8). After the show Cris continued traveling throughout the U.S. Where his work of illustrative realism was noticed. 


Travelling throughout the U.S  Cris found himself in Rochester NY. and as of the fall of 2021  moved to the flower city permanently.    




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